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Sites that carry the best podcasts, in particular, the best news and informational casts and some music and entertainment podcasts too! Insightful commentary from our reviewers on each site.

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11 June 2010


The Best Podcasts...

World Class Headlines
Science and Technology
Music [ and other ] Podcasts
More music broadcasts and podcasts than you'll be able to finish.

Podcast Entertainment
This site describes itself as the Podcast Entertainment Network. It has a rating system for ages an assortment of podcast sites.

Digital Podcasting
All sorts of podcast links from religious podcasts to teen talk sports.

Science via NASA
The latest space-science and much more.
Science podcasts of all kinds, links to NASA pics, includes earth science, rocketry, and more. For students and educators alike.


Educational podcasts
Several categories for students: K-12. Higher Ed, even Language sites!

Educational podcasting for teaching and learning.
Hundreds of quality podcasts for teaching and learning everyone. This site looks solid for both educators and students.

Even more for autodidacts! Science, Philosophy, and vastly more!
University lectures, books read-by-their-authors, neuro-science, on-line documentaries. This is a trove I'm still tapping, folks.

BBC Podcast Directory

This has at least 100 "tags"--descriptions--of different kinds of podcasts ranging from Football to Poetry.

News and Information Podcasts from American Public Mediaites
A Leading Public Radio Podcast Site
Subscribe to American Public Media's podcasts to get the latest news and features from some of public radio's most popular programs.

Alternative Radio Alternative Radio's Homepage

There are several MP3 files offered here for your iPod or other player. Links to internal pages to listen to this alternative broadcasts. At least dozens of separate NPR stations.   There is a setup page a few links in to set your local time. Very worthwhile.
Video Podcasts from PBS
Public Broadcasting Podcasts

AAAS's Science and Feature Podcasts
Science Update
Only a few years ago I had a series of scipts that mailed me the latest news and features from this distingiushed site. Now, here 'tis, yours at one click!

Technology and Business
NPR's List of Podcasts
National Public Radio's Podcasts
There are a vast collection of thought-provoking podcasts here. NPR is usually first among the providers of news, information, and entertainment: they're right here.

Top Ten Music Podcasts Listener-Reviewed Podcasts— Links to many other podcasts
This looks like a fun, worthwhile site to browse ... and download some k00l music. And more!

Podcasts and Broadcasts from CNN
Interesting. Subscribe to numerous podcasts or listen to very recent, up-to-date MP3 steams. Backlinks to CNN, of course.

Podcasts from American Public Media (News-radio, Music, Entertainment)
American Public Media's Radio Podcasts

For fans of public radio, here are even more podcasts
For the Hard Core: Public Radio Podcasts
Hundreds and hundreds of publicly available podcasts right here.

From the Canadian Broadcasting Company
News, Information, and more from Canada
Discover the best from Canada; this looks like an exceptional site.

And, if you're wondering how to create your own podcasts, log onto this site:
How-To Podcast

If you are interested in putting your creativity to work and building your own (free) website, here's an interesting opportunity::
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